Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tell me what you want to hear

The purpose of my blog is to make you feel like you are a student again, back on the Notre Dame campus and having a lot of fun. At the very least, I hope it's a trip down memory lane that brings campus closer to you. To that end, I'd like to know: what would you like to hear about? Any particular game day traditions or campus events? Funny moments in dorm life or academic activities? You tell me your favorite memories from Notre Dame and I'll try to re-create them and of course, share them with you!


  1. What is going on with interhall athletics?

  2. Tell me more about the Green-Out this weekend! My first trip back to campus in over a year for a game!!

  3. I'd love to hear more about how today's students spend their non-class time. What's the social atmosphere really like today?