Monday, October 19, 2009


This was probably the most suspenseful second of my life so far.

How did you feel at the end of the game?

I was happy we put up such a good fight towards the end there. If only we had played like that the whole game, if only we had made that field goal and just one touchdown more... but mostly I'm just proud of how our team played.

My friends and I were really excited for the game. We painted our faces.

I felt like Braveheart.

The student section was going crazy. It was absolutely packed (no one missed this game!) and we cheered ourselves hoarse until the very end.

Yes, the final second was painful. My friend Becky said, only half-joking, "Don't mind me, I've only just had my heart broken." Despite the heartbreaking finish, it was probably one of the most exciting games I've seen.

It was quite an emotional roller-coaster, but I sure enjoyed watching it.

Where did you watch the game? How did you feel afterwards?


  1. Hey, Tess, these are great write-ups! I chair the ND Women Connect alumnae group up here, and each month I send out an e-newsletter to our Metro Detroit female grads (~500). I'll be sure to encourage them to visit your blog in our next issue, which will go out at the start of November.

  2. try to remember that we beat USC 10 consecutive years. the rivalry between these schools has no equal. enjoy the ride.

  3. I felt pretty good actually. I expected the offense to put up at least 21; but I didn't expect the defense to keep USC under 21.
    I was gratified that ND recovered from being down 20 -- at that point I did think "here we go again".

    The Bush Push AFTER ND allowing the long pass on a 4th and 9 when ND had the game won was much more heartbreaking.

    I just hope that the team settles down and takes care of business against BC. We stopped Michigan State from continuing their dominance in South Bend. It's time to stop BC at 6 consecutive wins over the Fighting Irish (kinda rolls off the tongue like sweet nectar doesn't it?)
    Go Irish

  4. I posted after the USC game, but haven't seen it. Not sure why.

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