Friday, October 30, 2009

Irish Friday Face

Every Friday, I'm going to feature a different well-known person on campus so you can get to know the "who's who" of Notre Dame.

I'm starting off this week with Jess Shaffer. Jess is editor of the Scene section of The Observer, president of Farley Hall, PLS major, and a wonderful friend. Here is what she has to say.

Your full name: Jessica Lindsay Shaffer

Major: Program of Liberal Studies, Spanish

Dorm: Farley Hall

Hometown: Washington, DC

Job description: Drinking coffee in Waddicks when not on the second floor of O'Shag; writing, editing, holding meetings and making layouts at The Observer, where I'm the Scene Editor; working for the Finest girls on campus in more meetings and campus events for my role as Farley Hall President; giving my opinion as a Student Advisory Committee member for Program of Liberal Studies; research assisting for my favorite professor; spending way too much time on my gmail; enjoying good food, good coffee, and good friends in my free time, and much much more....
What is your favorite place on campus? The world room in Hurley.

What is your dream for your life after college? I'm scared to admit that I might actually have a big plan post graduation, but my dream is to be travel writer, preferably working with Rick Steves or for a travel magazine. Eventually I'd like to have my own travel book, with all my own writing, research, and photographs.
Who is your hero? My mom and my grandparents.

Favorite place to travel? Today...the Mediterranean, particularly Italy. It changes constantly though, and I feel a craving for a croissant coming on so Paris may be next...

What do you think is the world's biggest problem? Close-mindedness.
What is something you struggle with? Having enough time in the day is a huge challenge. More importantly, making good use of that time and living every day to the absolute fullest is on my mind a lot.

What makes you laugh? My friends. Sarcasm and irony. Arrested Development.

Favorite and least favorite thing about being a Notre Dame student? The best part of being at Notre Dame is living with and learning from such amazing people, who are truly passionate. The worst thing is that I can only stay four years, and not having enough time to explore all my academic interests.

One word that describes you? Heliocentric. In the Platonic, environmental, spiritual, metaphysical, and intellectual sense of the word. I guess astronomically too.

Thanks Jess!

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