Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a GAME Weekend

There’s just something about football weekends.

Maybe it’s the redheaded little kid throwing a football to his dad on South Quad, both of them wearing Notre Dame sweatshirts.

It might be waking up to the sound of the Band playing on the steps of Bond Hall, or the smell of Knights of Columbus steak sandwiches wafting down the quad and making everyone hungry.

It could be that the Grotto is packed with visitors, and every candle is lit- hundreds of prayers burning bright before Mary.

It might just be that at breakfast Friday morning, I already saw alumni lining up for a meal at South Dining Hall.

Whatever sparks it, I love living in Catholic Disneyland.

“There’s a magic in the sound of their name… HERE COME THE IRISH of Notre Dame.”

Best of luck to our boys out on the field tomorrow! I, for one, will be shamelessly praying for an Irish win. Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

Are you coming in to town for the game? What is your favorite part of football weekends?

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