Monday, November 15, 2010

A Weekend at Princeton

I'm home again from a weekend of travel and wonderful times. This time I was at Princeton University for the Love and Fidelity Network's annual conference. Thanks to some kind friends, I had the chance to dine at Charter, one of the famous Princeton eating clubs, and to attend events at the Whig Debating Society House and the Yankee Doodle Taproom, in addition to all the events of the scheduled conference. Combine these exciting events with the chance to see many old and dear friends, and you see why I had an unforgettably enjoyable weekend.

Each of the conferences I attend teach me something (apart from the actual conference theme) and here are a few lessons I learned from this past weekend:

1. If you are a Notre Dame student, there's no reason to ever pay for your own travel. The Learning Beyond the Classroom grant is a wonderful resource, and so far it's helped me to go to Rome, Washington D.C., and Princeton. Please recommend this invaluable resource to your friends, children, and anyone else who is a student here.

2. I will never love any school as much as I love Notre Dame, but Princeton might just be my second favorite. There's simply nothing that can compare to Princeton's wonderful Witherspoon Institute. The work done there continues to inspire me.

3. Who you travel with is almost more important than where you go. A good travel companion makes a journey complete; a bad travel companion throws a cloud over the whole enterprise.

What have your travels taught you?

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