Monday, November 8, 2010

Events Today

What a busy, exciting week this will be!

I arrived at the South Bend Airport yesterday at 1 pm, where a kind friend was waiting to drive me to campus. My weekend in Philadelphia was fun, busy and thought-provoking. I learned about liberty, equality, human rights and the Declaration of Independence. I attended an unforgettable concert by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra (one piece was the overture to my favorite French play, Cyrano de Bergerac) and toured the beautiful, historic city. How fortunate I am to be an Intercollegiate Studies Institute Honors Fellow this year! I certainly recommend the program to any college student who is passionate about liberty and liberal education.

Today kicks off the Dorm Energy Competition, part of Notre Dame's efforts to encourage us students to "go green" and conserve energy. Badin hasn't won yet but I, for one, will be extra-cautious about unplugging my phone charger and blow dryer right away to prevent "vampire energy" from being wasted. Maybe this is our year to win the campus-wide competition.

Tonight at 9 pm, I'm excited to host Badin's annual Program of Liberal Studies pizza night, an occasion for myself and the other PLS majors to introduce our beloved program to Badin's freshmen. If you know any current freshmen, encourage them to learn more about PLS and see if it's right for them.

I'm hoping to attend this fascinating event on the Humanities Crisis in higher education - certainly a very relevant issue for anyone interested in liberal education.

Today I received an invitation to this event at the Notre Dame London Program campus, which made me quite nostalgic for London. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to return there soon.

Finally, I am hoping to journey to Princeton University this weekend to attend the Love and Fidelity Network's annual conference. Many of my dear friends will also be present and the line-up of speakers is excellent. I anticipate that it will be a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for reading and Go Irish!

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