Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Campus Today

Today at the Alumni Association, I'm working on an article about an outstanding Notre Dame educator, undergraduates' scientific research, and the new myNotreDame website.

It's a busy evening for me. After work at the Alumni Association, I'll be attending the Program of Liberal Studies' annual All Souls Mass, in which we remember all the members of the PLS community who have passed away. Then I'm joining my Dillon and Badin friends for dinner. The boys will be running late because they're all training for the Bengal Bouts and they're coming straight from practice. In true SYR style, I'm setting some of them up with dates for Badin's upcoming Dome Dance (the dance is our reward for winning Hall of the Year). Two of the dance couples will meet for the first time at tonight's dinner.

I'll leave dinner early to attend the long-anticipated Forum. I was incredibly fortunate to score a ticket to this sold-out event, so that will be my next stop after dinner. After the Forum, my friends and I are attending Swing Dance Club to learn how to dance the Charleston. Finally, I'll finish the evening by packing my bags - I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to a conference on Liberty and the Declaration of Independence. A weekend in Philadephia will be a delightful vacation.

Notre Dame truly is the Garden of Eden. I have ample academic engagement, goofy fun with friends, and constant access to God through the campus' vibrant spiritual life. What more could a girl ask for?

Thank you for reading and Go Irish!

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