Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome Back


It's been almost a year but I am back at the Alumni Association, after a semester studying abroad in London and a summer internship at FOX News Channel in New York City.

I am back through the Hannah Storm Internship, which means I will be writing articles for the Notre Dame Alumni Newsletter and working closely with the Alumni Association's communications department. I'm looking forward to this chance to improve my writing while learning more about the wonderful Notre Dame alumni community.

As I start working in my new position, this blog will also take a new focus. Whether you graduated in 2010 or in 1940, you're probably wondering what life on campus is like today. It's certainly different for every student, and I don't pretend to offer a "typical" Notre Dame experience; in fact, my perspective as a PLS major, non-legacy, and non-athlete is a fairly unusual one. Using this blog, I will not only share some favorite moments from my final year as a Notre Dame student, but I will also write about major campus events from a journalistic perspective. Hopefully this will offer you a broad view of campus life, with an occasional personal anecdote to add spice.

Of course, if there is anything you are especially interested in reading about, please let me know. If you want me to investigate a particular feature of campus life or interview a campus personality for this blog, shoot me an email or leave a comment - that's what I'm here for.

As always, Go Irish!

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