Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Events Around Campus

What is going on at Notre Dame today? I started the morning with reading in the Coleman-Morse center, followed by History class and then lectures and lunch at what I affectionately call "the baby conference," sponsored by the Center for Children and Families.

There is an ISSLP information session this afternoon. ISSLP, or International Summer Service Learning Program, is a chance for Notre Dame students to serve the poor around the world. The information session should be well-attended since Notre Dame students love to travel and are passionate about service. ISSLP offers the best of both worlds.

When Father Jenkins became University president, one of his goals was to increase students' intellectual engagement on campus. To that end, he installed the Notre Dame Forum; it brings experts on major national issues to campus, where they discuss solutions in the light of Catholic teaching - a nice reminder that Catholicism is about the union of Faith and Reason. This year's Forum examines economics within the context of the papal encyclical Caritas in Veritate. The latest installment of The Forum is tonight.

Most Domers have heard of Father Sorin, Father Badin, and the other legendary priests who braved the frozen wilds of Indiana to found Our Lady's University in the 1800s. They were all members of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, which serves Notre Dame to this day. The first Holy Cross saint will be canonized next week. To celebrate the canonization, students are invited to a Log Chapel Mass and a Procession in honor of Brother Andre this evening at 9 pm, in Corby Hall.

Thank you for reading and Go Irish!


  1. Oh, when I read this the other day, I didn't realize this was YOUR own blog. I wonder how that Chesterton lady found you? Can you post on the baby conference?

  2. Ruth, thanks for your comment. I'm pretty sure you're my only reader. I love ya for it. :) I'm guessing the Chesterton lady found me because I linked to her website. As for the baby conference, I'll be honest with you, I only ended up attending 2 talks because most of them were much too technical for me to understand. I'd recommend watching "The Business of Being Born" and reading "Attached at the Heart," which was for sale at the conference: http://www.amazon.com/Attached-Heart-Parenting-Principles-Compassionate/dp/0595463525 Good luck and thanks for asking!