Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Running round the lakes

Have you ever been for a run around St. Joseph's and St. Mary's lakes? This year it's been my new favorite thing.

I'm not much of a runner but at the beginning of the semester I decided to give the path round the lakes a try.

Oh boy, was I hooked.

The sunlight through the emerald leaves made the path cool and dim, perfect for a run in the warm September weather. The other runners all smiled and waved as we passed each other. The lakes gleamed placidly and sometimes I would see a couple or family fishing. And as for the view of the Golden Dome from across St. Joseph's lake-

Would you believe me if I said that the Golden Dome shining in the sun on a fall afternoon is the most beautiful sight in the world?

But warm weather doesn't last long in South Bend and now it's almost too cold for a run, even at the warmest time of day in the early afternoon. When it starts to snow, you won't see me near the lakes unless I'm equipped with big snow boots and a parka.

But that's just until spring. As soon as the snow melts and the trail dries off, you'll see me out by the lakes again. Maybe I'll be running, but more likely I'll be sitting on the hill behind St. Joseph's lake with a book or my ipod. Every now and then I'll look up at the gleaming Golden Dome and be reassured by its presence.

If you're around campus then, come join me. It might become your new favorite thing too.

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