Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Tess, college blogger for the Notre Dame Alumni Association and member of the Class of 2011. I know that most alumni are really curious about what’s going on at Notre Dame these days. How much has the school changed since you went here? Do the students still have fun like you used to, or are we all eggheads with noses in books? What’s the life of a Domer like in 2009? My blog will provide a snapshot of Notre Dame today. Please feel free to email me or leave comments. Share your memories of your Domer days, or give me suggestions for future blog post topics. Enjoy reading!

Five Things You Need to Know about Me:

5. I write for The Observer and I love it. I want to be a journalist after graduation, and working there is a really fun, hectic way to learn the ropes. I’ve also made some wonderful friends there- something about all those late nights in the basement of South Dining Hall really brings you together.

4. I’m from outside Chicago and sometimes it seems like everyone else here is too! That’s a bonus, of course, when I need a ride home for Thanksgiving or fall break. Specifically I’m from Hinsdale, which is the kind of cute little town where I could ride my bike to the pool and ice cream shop since I was eight. I love living there with my six siblings and our parents.

3. I live in Badin and my identical twin sister lives in Ryan, the newest girls’ dorm, also known as “Queen Elizabeth’s summer home.” Badin is a charming dorm, with its balcony and wide hallways, but the lack of air conditioning sometimes make my jealous of my sister. She is my best friend so you will probably hear more stories about our silly shenanigans.

2. I’m a Program of Liberal Studies major. I’ve heard all the jokes about what PLS stands for: “probably law school,” “people lacking sense” and “party like Socrates.” But Father Hesburgh says that PLS is Notre Dame’s best major, so I’ll defend it with pride. I’m passionate about politics, philosophy, theology and literature, so you might see some future posts about books or the ND spin on current events. Don’t worry though, I won’t make any Plato jokes (because if there’s one thing worse than a pretentious PLS major, it’s a pretentious PLS major trying to be funny!).

1. I’m crazy about Notre Dame. If you had looked in the Clark Memorial Fountain (also known as Stonehenge) after the Purdue win Saturday night, you would have seen me soaking wet with my arms around my friends, singing the Fight Song at the top of my voice. If you look around the stadium on a bleak, snowy day in November, I’m the girl wearing three hats and refusing to leave the stands until the Alma Mater has been sung. I’m the girl running around the lakes in September who stops short at the far side of St. Joseph’s Lake- because the glory of that shining Golden Dome takes my breath away, every time. I’m in love with this school and being a student here is my proudest accomplishment.

That’s a little bit about me. What do you remember most fondly from your days at Notre Dame? Give me the typical “Notre Dame introduction” with your year, major, and dorm. Thanks for reading!

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